A Creative Designer

See that picture on the left, that is me (sort of). Born sometime in the 80s, I was born in between the decade that changed our future and the 90s where everything was possible, could I be a common guy? No. I grew up between Italy and Australia, trying to decide which one was my home... I'm still deciding.

I don't sleep much, think a lot, I'm active and curious about the world, find various topics fascinating and my best friend is Google. I find life too short to be boring, so I try to be different because after all, everyone likes to be remembered.

I have one sister (if you were wondering), I don't smoke and love sports. I have a creative mind and over 10 years in the design field taught me a lot, most important: the only limit to creativity is our imagination and impossible is nothing.

I try to make my clients happy for a living because their success is my success. Print or Web I have it all, I also love Marketing & Social, because I can change the way people see the world. You think I'm crazy? Great, contact me now.

You can call me Wally.
I'm proudly Made in Italy and love coffee.

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